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'Marine Cuisine' in The Sunday Herald

Posted on September 1st 2014

We took Vicky Allan, a writer for the Sunday Herald and seaweed novice, out for a day of harvesting and got her hooked! She says: “In fact I am on my way to becoming a dulse addict, immediately hooked on this long-forgotten food. Fast-forward a week and it seems almost impossible to get through a meal without a small sprinkling.”

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Looking forward to seeing @LovePureCakes workshop and tasting her breadcrumbs with Mara seaweed #SeaweedSymposium @TheBotanics this wknd!

Thanks for heads up@PinksterGin

"a smart operation, innovative, well-marketed and driven by research" :) Great article in today's @theheraldsun

Marine cuisine | Herald Scotland via @heraldscotland

Seaweed the answer to UK iodine deficiency? #research @GlasgowUni


Chefs favourite - Mara Seaweed

Seaweed - Inspiration for your food
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just makes things inexplicably delicious Paul Hollywood


Move over Sea Salt... try Mara Seaweed. Less sodium, More flavour

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