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Seaweed Butter

December 21st 2012

Sea lettuce butter

Seaweed butter looks good and adds essential flavour to fish dishes. The butter can be spread over the fish fillets before grilling or pan frying or equally, the butter can be melted in a pan and drizzled over the fish. Add chilli, lemon juice or garlic for extra added flavour.



  • Soften the butter and mix in Shony or other sea-spice of your choice:  (Kombu, Shony, Dulse, Pepper Dulse, Sea Lettuce).
  • Store in a ramekin or butter dish in the fridge, or roll into a ‘sausage’ in greaseproof paper and cut into slices.
  • Spread it on crusty bread, add to soups, drizzle it, with lemon over scallops or grilled salmon.


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